Established in 2004, Shirin Novin Group of Factories started its mission in food industries by producing cakes, wafers, and chocolate. Shirin Novin is now the Middle East's largest producer of Industrial cakes. The company has also taken significant step towards economic development and improving of national industries through undertaking reliable feasibility studies, commissioning of industrial projects, as well as designing and improving production lines. Shirin Novin Group of Factories is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery, further boosting the quality of its products. The company is now operating on three industrial units, with two more units now under construction, after construction of which Shirin Novin would become the fifth largest producer of industrial cakes in the world. Shirin Novin has promoted the quality of its products to meet international standards, while increasing the durability of its products to 9 months, without using additives, particularly alcohol.


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